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​What is IvyLife™?

IvyLife™ is a miniature, gravity independent, battery operated, IoT* infusion pump that can replace any traditional infusion pump in the hospital or at home.

​*IoT = Internet of Things

​What is IvyLife™?
Why did I invent IvyLife™?

Why did I invent IvyLife™?

We physicians were taught, in medical school, that patients' well-being is of utmost importance.
Years later, as a practicing physician & surgeon, I saw that patients’ independence and active lifestyle are major contributors to healing and curing pace and quality.
These concepts and real-life observations led me to look for a solution that will ease the daily burden on patients. 

What is the IvyLife™  formula for success?

What is the IvyLife™  formula for success?

The IvyLife™  formula = Easy mobility + E-Health  +  IoT  +  Patient Safety  +  Superior Therapy QA

​​What is the IvyLife™ device like?

Just smart: a 150g device, size of a man's wallet, gravity independent controlled by a smart phone, smartly connected to patient medical records, battery-operated, enabling caretaker control and supervision, integrated in smart clothes, or worn in the pocket while patient pursues daily life activities.

The Ivy-Life offer to healthcare providers:

  • Reduce nurses’ and doctors’ work

  • Reduce drug delivery mistakes thus legal costs

  • Reduce ambulatory therapy costs

  • Automate information flow in medical databases

  • Automate administrative processes like billing & pharmacy

  • Improve central control and planning over workload and personnel

The market:
Infusion pump market in 2020 generated $13.5B

​​What is the IvyLife™ device like?

The IvyLife™  benefits at a glance  ​

  • Gravity independent- no need to hang the IV bag at all

  • Discretely put it in the pocket and enjoy normal social life during IV therapy

  • Easy mobility for patients

  • Covid-19 days: enables remote therapy control and monitoring during isolation

  • Miniature, portable, super lightweight IV pump

  • For hospital, home, and emergency/field use

  • Disposable pump mechanism generates recurring revenues

  • Suitable for space and Mars missions

IvyLife™ device

IvyLife™ device
What is the IvyLife™ device made of?

What is the IvyLife™ device made of?

The IvyLife™ device comprises three subunits: 


A smartphone like 125g digital pod including a tiny electric engine and a battery. The digital pod communicates with any tablet/smartphone and can optionally be controlled through them.


A 25g disposable pump unit attached to the digital pod engine. The disposable pump supports any infusion rate with accuracy >99%. The pump can deliver any type of fluid like saline, blood products, and alimentation. 


Device control software enabling real-time alarms and notifications, 24/7 logging and exporting all data describing the use of device and personnel operating it.



​The IvyLife™ device was chosen to be tested onboard of the International Space Station [ISS] as part of the Rakia Space Mission by Mr. Eitan Stibbe, the second Israeli in space.

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